Toner Pirates…yes, they’re real!

toner pirates

Don’t fall prey!

On a weekly and sometimes daily basis, our office receives phone calls about what we in the copier and printer industry call “toner pirates”. Our customers will receive phone calls from “someone” that claims to be from their copier company – stating that the price of toner is going up and to order it now. DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO THIS SCAM!

So…what is a Toner Pirate?

Toner Pirates are scam artists who call businesses and trick them into buying toner supplies. They will often have information about your copier, or gather this information through tactics such as offering to send you updated manuals if you give them the model number. A toner pirate will mislead you into thinking they are a local copier company by using a local business name, even ours! The scammers will offer discount toner, or claim that the price is going to increase so they encourage you to stock up now – something we at XPO have never and will never do! In actuality, Toner Pirates will charge you up to 10 times the normal price for your toner! They will also target people in your business who don’t order supplies or who aren’t familiar with the office equipment.

How to Recognize a Toner Pirate:

High pressure sales tacticstoner pirates 2
– Use phrases such as: “Beat the price increase”, “Last remaining in stock” or “Offer expiring today.”
– No way to contact them back
– Asking for information on your copier, such as the model number
– Processing or handling fee
– No company information to go through mail, only UPS or hand delivery
– No references

If you get a call like this, always ask for the caller’s name, telephone number, and company name. These questions usually result in the caller hanging up indicating that they are in fact a toner pirate. AARGH!