Is your equipment protected?

Surge Protectors

With all the severe thunderstorms we have been experiencing lately, it is crucial you have a good surge protector on your copiers. Office automation equipment is the cornerstone of a productive and efficient work environment.The inability to use a copier, fax machines, phone systems, or other office equipment due to power issues can result in reduced employee productivity and cost employers substantial amounts of money. You should be using a surge protector that only your copier or printer plugs into, not a whole power strip! Smart Power surge protectors are critical for copiers:

Reduce unnecessary service calls due to power issues
Eliminate downtime for your copier due to power problems
Protect your investment by reducing the need to repair or replace your copier
Extend the operating life of your copier or other office equipment 

Our Surge protectors offer a lifetime warranty. Call us today and get your investments protected!!